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List view exports

All List view results may be exported using the Export feature via the SubMenu1.PNG menu icon.

Reports-based exports

Make your filter selection for any chosen report. Then via the SubMenu1.PNG menu icon select from export formats CSV, XML and PDF. CSV format allows full control of the export delimiters (separator symbol e.g. semicolon), heading row and encasing data in quotes if needed. CSV is also the friendliest format for exporting into BI applications and spreadsheets such as MS Excel.

Reports with category grouping include an “Export” filter to control the level of detail to be exported (e.g only main level information rather than all rows).

Actions, Absences and Appraisals

Actions, Absences and Appraisals can be exported to iCal format for updating your desktop calendar software such as MS Outlook. Contact information can be exported in the vCard format, for example to mobile phone or email system. PlanMill can export data to MS Project XML format.

Customized repeated and automated exports

Customized exports and automated solutions can be ordered from PlanMill customer care. These usually require a small development project to specification the integrations to external applications. Automated scenarios also normally involve thorough testing in a suitable test environment.

One time only mass export

Contact PlanMill customer care to order. Delivery time is usually 3-4 weeks of ordering and involves the necessary specification process with the customer (billable).