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Time sheet and Time card usability improvements

We have made important user experience improvements to the Time sheet and Time card allowing to show more relevant information on the screen and enabling easier and faster access to key features. Here we have listed the most visible improvements. (Ensure you are using the New UI!)

Time sheet

  • The new input dialog opens next to a selected cell and can be closed at any time. The input fields have been redesigned and upgraded with new features such as character counter. Also the input validation errors have been redesigned.
  • Based on user feedback many less relevant columns were removed to better support smaller screens and allowing to show more day cells on large screens.

Updated Time sheet

Keyboard shortcuts for Time sheet

Timesheet has keyboard support for navigating between cells, creating and editing the timereport values. When timesheet page is opened the first cell of today is automatically selected and you can immediately start navigating and editing by keyboard.

To open the input dialog to create a new timereport you can start typing the amount when a cell is selected or press Enter. After the dialog is opened the keyboard focus is inside the dialog. You can use Tab and Shift + Tab (depending on browser) to navigate between input fields. The following shortcuts work in dialog after you have finished entering a value and press Enter to focus out from the field:

  • To add a new timereport, press + on Numpad
  • To remove the visible timereport, press Delete
  • To navigate between different timereport tabs, press Page Up/PgUp or Page down/PgDn
  • To close the dialog, press Esc or use the Arrow keys to navigate away

Please note that there might not yet be full keyboard support in more complex configurations, such as when clock times are enabled.

Time card

  • Time card (only visible when this add-on service is enabled) is now toggleable by user and aligned with timesheet cells to give better perspective. It now also applies the same highlighting colors as the main view for 0-capacity days and today.

Updated Time card

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