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Absence statuses

You can reject the absences at different stages of the approval chain. Current status of the absence affects to the actions of rejection and removal. Current status also determines who can do such actions.

Below is a description what a user with a certain role can do in different stages of an absence.

Note: PlanMill does not allow overlapping absences unless either one of those is cancelled. For an Annual holiday type of absence, incorrect absence request must be set to Interrupted status so that the reserved amount of annual holidays is returned to the unused quota.


Employee can edit and delete Preliminary absences freely. Preliminary absences can not be accepted. User can see Preliminary absences in Project space Work schedules tab. Preliminary absences can be deleted by an user with HR rights, too.

Ready for acceptance

In Ready for acceptance status, an e-mail notification of absence is sent as a notice for the Acceptor. The absence can be accepted only by the selected Acceptor who is a superior of the employee or another superior. Superior can either accept or reject the absence request. Absences in the Ready for acceptance status can be edited by changing the status first to Preliminary.


Superior can reject the absence of the employee which has not yet begun. Employee itself can’t edit an absence which has the Accepted status. The superior can change an accepted absence to the status Rejected and save the change. After this employee can edit the absence again by changing the status to Preliminary.


When a superior rejects a particular absence, the employee receives an e-mail notification. Employee edit a rejected absence by first changing its status to Preliminary and saving it. Only employee can change the status of a rejected absence to Preliminary.


The ongoing status means that the absence has started. Status will change automatically to Completed when the finish date is reached.


An absence in Completed status can be interrupted through the interruption process by the employee, superior or a person with HR rights by setting the status to Interrupted.

Note: If an absence in Completed status needs to be removed, the interruption date field must be left empty.

Interruption of an absence


Absence interruption occurs when part of the period of absence is valid and the rest of the absence is rejected. In this case, the Interruption date field is used. Absence can be interrupted when it has either status Ongoing or Completed. The interruption date is included in the absence length.

An example case for an absence interruption is when employee’s annual leave is interrupted and the company invites the person back to work.

Note: If the interruption of an absence concerns the whole length of the absence, the interruption date field must be left empty. In other cases enter the interruption date.

When an absence is interrupted, an email notification will be sent to all users who have a Role with Absences HR right. A User with the Absences HR right must set the absence status to Interruption accepted after which the absence will be cancelled onwards from the interruption date.

Interruption accepted

Users with the HR rights can change the absence status to Interruption accepted. After this the system will automatically update the status to Cancelled.

A HR user can update status to Interruption accepted without having to update absence status first to Interrupted or Completed. In this case, no email notification is sent. When HR handles and completes the absence procedure, reported hours will be updated correctly.

Employee can remove the cancelled absence from the absence data table view. Supervisor can also perform this task on behalf of the employee.


Cancelled absence can be deleted from the system. This can be done by the employee itself or by the superior. An absence in Cancelled status for the type Annual holiday returns the amount of holidays to the unused quota. For other absence types, absences must be deleted before the hours and days are cleared from the absence.

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