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Sending invoices

When Basware is your chosen e-invoicing solution then activate the PlanMill E-invoice Sender service to automatically send your invoices. Combined with PlanMill ERP this will provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.

Availability: Finland and potential customers in over 100 countries. Read more

Sending options

  • E-invoice: Cut costs and remove hassle with e-invoicing software. Send 100% e-invoices from day 1.
  • Paper invoice: If you’ve got customers who aren’t ready for e-invoicing and still want paper there’s a ready-made scalable solution.


  • Get your invoices validated and formatted into your customer preferred format. Basware supports over 65 e-invoice formats.
  • Connect to over 1 million current and potential customers in over 100 countries.
  • Make it easier to get paid faster by speeding up the billing process.
  • Simplify your billing process by sending and managing invoices for all customers through one market-leading solution.


  • PlanMill ERP Cloud (or On-Premise)
  • PlanMill E-invoice Sender service and Setup Pack

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