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Debt Collection Connector

PlanMill Debt Collection add-on service speeds up the circulation of sales receivables and streamlines the debt collection process. At the same time, your business will be freed from the billing-related issues such due to date control, payment reminders, and collecting receivables.

Combined with PlanMill ERP this will provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.

Availability: Finland.


  • Automatic transferring (via SFTP) of sales invoices to payment reminders and debt collection service.
  • Support for domestic and international sales invoices.
  • Support for multilingual transfer clauses.


How to start

  1. Contact your Debt Collection partner regarding the opening of the service.
  2. Order PlanMill Debt Collection Connector and Setup pack.
  3. Provide us all information needed (eg transfer clause) to open the service.
  4. We will make the necessary changes, test, and open the service.
  5. Start using the service.

Example of the transfer clause

This account claim has been transferred to Noja Rahoitus Oy and can only be validly paid to the following account:

BIC: NDEAFIHH IBAN: FI67 1733 3000 xxxx xx

International sales invoices

When customer’s billing country is abroad (not Finland) then change customer’s Account > Billing information > Tax country > “Finland”. In this way sales invoice can be transferred to debt collection connector partner Lähirahoitus or Visma Financial Solution by SFTP.

More information

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