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Email capture

PlanMill Email Capture is a commercial add-on for PlanMill CRM, PROJECT and ERP. It enables organizations to capture incoming emails automatically from determined inboxes and convert them to Requests (tickets) and Actions or add to existing ones. Contact PlanMill Customer Care to add and adjust email capture settings.

A list of typical inboxes for different types of emails


Key features

  • Create a new Request or Action based on information in the received email with an ID.
  • Add emails to existing Requests or Actions by inspecting the email title and ID.
  • PlanMill checks inboxes for new emails for every 5 minutes (minimum), depending on the agreed options.
  • Automatically capture Account & Contact related information.
  • Default project(s) are defined for captured emails.
  • Automatic filling of fields for Requests and Actions based on the parameterization for different email channels.
  • Automatic adding of attachments to requests.
  • Support for automatic reply to Sender with relevant ID number.
  • Support for capturing replies to requests based on ID number.
  • Support for secure IMAP.
  • View sent solution in the Emails category.
  • Receive notifications from new emails.
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