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How to recover forgotten password

  1. Click Forgot your password? link in the login page.
  2. Enter either the username or email address linked to your PlanMill account.
  3. If you have specified a security question in your settings, answer it correctly.
  4. You will be sent a reset confirmation link to your email account.
  5. Go to your email account and follow the link in the email you have received from PlanMill.
  6. You will be redirected to a password reset page where you need to enter a new password.

    Note: Passwords must be at least 10 characters long, contain at least one capital letter and at least one number. The usage of passphrases is recommended.

  7. After you have resetted your password, you can login.

    Note: If you have attempted 5 times with wrong password, your account is locked for 5 minutes. This will also stop you from signing in with your changed password. Do not use scandinavian characters.

Problems in password recovery

  • If you don’t have email specified in your settings or it is old or faulty, you can’t use password recovery and must contact PlanMill power user in your company.
  • If your user in PlanMill is set as inactive, you can’t recover password but must contact power user.
  • If you use Windows password, OpenId or Google for authentication, you can’t recover password but must contact power user.

If there are problems mentioned above or some other problems, contact power user in your company. PlanMill Customer Care changes password only for power users due to safety reasons. Password change made by PlanMill Customer Care is a payable service.

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