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PlanMill BI Data Connector

PlanMill BI Data Connector gives you flexible data export across PlanMill system. Via PlanMill BI Data Connector you can analyze your PlanMill data with Business Intelligence (BI) and visualization tools such as Google Data Studio, Power BI, Qlik or Tableau.


  • Data transfer: Automatic (eg. daily or monthly) transferring (via SFTP) of PlanMill data to BI tools.
  • Data sources: PlanMill data tables and reports.
  • Data sets: Standard and custom fields/keys can be easily included in the selected data table exports.
  • Data format: CSV.
  • Data amount: Limited to 100 000 rows per object (data table and report).
  • Self-service: The customer has limited support maintains its own PlanMill data sources.


  • PlanMill CRM, PROJECT, or ERP.
  • PlanMill BI Data Connector add-on service and Setup Pack.
  • Designated user account: Active ‘PlanMill BI Data Connector’ user for managing the exportable data sets.
  • SFTP Server by the Customer.

Get started

  1. Order BI workshop to map your analytics and reporting needs.
  2. Order your PlanMill BI Data Connector add-on and Setup Pack.
  3. Provide us all information needed (eg required data sets, SFTP user name & password) to open the service.
  4. We will make the necessary changes, test, and open the service.
  5. Start using the service.

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