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Import accounts


XLSX Template (file needs to be saved as a tab-separated TXT file to import)

Template import accounts

Explanation of columns

Name of column Unique Default value Max characters Explanation Dependencies
Account ID X     Unique ID. Not needed in template. Generated automatically.  
Name X   150 Unique name of the account. Example: ‘PlanMill Oy’  
Passive   Active   Default options:
ResponsibleId   PlanMill system   Name of the account owner. Format: ‘Lastname, Firstname’ Import users
Type   Customer   Type of the account.
Default options:
Integrator Investor
My company
My company - other
VATId     80 VAT number  
BusinessId     80 Example: ‘123456-0’  
TermsOfPayment   7 days net   Terms of payment in days.
Default options:
7 days net
14 days net
21 days net
28 days net
30 days net
45 days net
60 days net
90 days net
120 days net
180 days net
Give as number (check that PlanMill instance has all given amounts in drop-down)
Fax     80 Example: ‘123456’  
Website     80 Example: ‘’  
Email     150 Example: ‘’  
ParentId     150 Example: ‘My parent company’ Name should be previously defined in the list or created manually
Industry       Industry type  
ServiceLevel   No care agreement   Default options:
No care agreement
Silver Care
Gold Care
Platinum Care
Description       Example: ‘Some text’  
OperationalId     255 Usually other system Id Example: ‘123456’  
RequestMailAutoReply   No   Default options:
InvoiceChannel       Default options:
Paper invoicing by mail
Paper invoicing by mail via printing service
Paper invoicing by mail including invoice items via printing service
Paper invoicing by mail including priced invoice items via printing service
Net invoice, Invoice appendix (PDF)
Invoice priced appendix (PDF)
Invoice (PDF) Send yourself
Check which types are used in PlanMill instance
InvoiceXSL   Finnish (EUR)   Default options:
Finnish (EUR)
English (EUR)
Swedish (EUR)
German (EUR)
English (USD)
English (CHF)
German (CHF)
English (CAD)
English (GBP)
English (SEK)
English (SGD)
English (ZAR)
Swedish (SEK)
English (BRL)
The name of the xsl file should be given! (check instance names)
InvoiceVAT   22.0   Tax percentage for invoice  
InvoiceNetOperator       Default options:
Liaison Technologies Oy (003708599126)
BasWare Oyj (BAWCFI22)
Enfo Oyj (003714377140)
Itella Information Logistics Oy (003710948874)
Paikallisosuuspankit (HELSFIHH)
Sampo Pankki Oyj (DABAFIHH)
Svenska Handelsbanken AB (HANDFIHH)
Handelsbanken (HANDFIHH)
Tapiola Pankki (TAPIFI22)
Ålandsbanken (AABAFI22) - Bank of Åland
Säästöpankit, Aktia Säästöpankki Oyj (HELSFIHH)
TeliaSonera Finland Oyj (003714756079)
Tieto Oyj (003701011385)
Logica Oy (003703575029)
Maventa Oy (MAVENTA)
Notebeat Oy (003717203971)
Apix Messaging Oy (00372332748700001)
Tradeshift (00885060259470028)
HandlingFee   0.0   Default options:
0 €
4,10 €
-4,10 €
InvoiceEmail     80 Example: ‘  
InvoiceNetAddress     80 Example: ‘TE003701032881’  
SupplierId     150 Name of my one of my companies Example: ‘My company Oy’ Name should be previously defined in the list or created manually
ReverseCharge       Default options:
0,0 % VAT Reverse charge
Address1     80 Billing address Example: ‘Hämeentie 19’  
Address2     80 Shipping address Example: ‘Hämeentie 19’  
PostalCode     20 Example: ‘00500’  
City     80 Example: ‘Helsinki’  
Country   Finland      
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