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Import data from a file

What’s needed:

  • Access rights to the import app

  • Access rights to PlanMill API

  • .csv or .txt file with the data to be imported

Select template

  1. Go to Administration > Import on the left navigation.

  2. Select a template from the list.

    Select template

  3. Optional: Click Download to generate a .csv file with the template columns.

  4. Click Next.

Upload and process file

  1. Click Choose file and select a .csv or .txt file.

    Choose file

  2. Optional: Use advanced settings, to adjust delimiter and preview options.

    Advanced settings

  3. Click Process file.

  4. Click Next.

Import data

  1. Select an import mode from the list.

    Advanced settings

  2. Click Import.

    Note: The import will modify PlanMill database and it cannot be undone.

  3. Click Restart to begin another import.

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