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  • Message: Failed to detect delimiter character

    The system couldn’t detect automatically which character is used to separate the columns of your file. This could happen in cases where within the contents of the file there is a mix of commas, semicolons, tabs or other special characters. To solve the problem, adjust manually the column separator from the advanced settings

    Advanced settings

  • Message: Starting from row 1 the file has at least one row with incorrect number of columns. Expected 24, found 17. Check if column separator parameter should be defined.

    Your file has fewer columns than required by the template. Please check the number of columns and upload the file again.

  • Message: Could not parse value, enumeration value for key not found

    These types of error show in the preview after the file is uploaded. They mean that some data is in an incorrect format or that cannot match the enumerations defined in the template. Contact your power user or PlanMill support to check the template’s settings parameter.

    Preview errors

  • Message: Oops! Something went wrong on the server and the process cannot be completed.

    If you experience this error message, please contact PlanMill support. Note that the import did not make any changes to PlanMill database.

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