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PlanMill integration for Factoring services

When Danske Finance or Nordea Finance is your chosen factoring partner then activate the PlanMill Factoring Service to automatically transfer your invoice files via E-invoice (Finvoice). Combined with PlanMill ERP this will provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.

Availability: Finland.


  • Automatically transfers factoring invoice with required factoring data to a factoring party (financial company or bank) and customer
  • Daily reporting of factoring invoices
  • Columns in Finances data table for monitoring statuses of factoring invoices (personalize your list view)
  • Supported financial parties: Nordea Rahoitus Oy and Danske Finance Oy


  • Agreement with Nordea Rahoitus or Danske Finance
  • PlanMill ERP Cloud
  • PlanMill Factoring add-on service including Setup pack

Get started

  1. Make an agreement with the Financial institution Nordea Rahoitus or Danske Finance
  2. Order your PlanMill Factoring add-on service and setup pack
    • Access to factoring settings will be opened
    • The setup includes a one hour factoring training with your finance users
  3. Fill in the Financing Agreement information into your PlanMill my company settings and select the factoring agent and your factoring responsible person, who will receive the daily factoring report by email
  4. Update your Finnish customer accounts, if NOT wanted within factoring invoicing
  5. Confirm your first invoice with PlanMill Customer Care and contact of your financial party
  6. Personalize your Finance list view to monitoring factoring invoices
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