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Procountor Invoice Connector

When Procountor is your chosen accounting solution then activate the PlanMill Invoice Connector for Procountor to automatically transfer your invoices. Combined with PlanMill ERP this will provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.

Availability: Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


  • Automatically pushes invoices into accounting upon confirmation
  • Syncs your Procountor customers and a product register with any new items in PlanMill
  • Seamless linking of chart of accounts and dimensions


  • Agreement with Procountor including PlanMill Invoice Connector integration
  • PlanMill Invoice Connector for Procountor service and Setup Pack
  • PlanMill Sales Orders and Products (incl. sales accounts)
  • Sales accounts should be in use in PlanMill and consistent with your chart of accounts in Procountor

Get started

  1. Order your PlanMill Invoice Connector for Procountor add-on service.
  2. Contact Procountor to open up automatic invoicing and get your interface password.
  3. Provide us with your password and we will test and activate your integration.

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