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Release Notes


What’s new in v19.15


  • Time reports analysis reports have been optimized for faster loading along with minor UX improvements.


  • Import app has been improved with better error reporting and improvements to the user experionce and workflow.

API and Webhooks

  • Hooks have been enhanced to include a data object which contains relevant data available for the event resource. To avoid adding overhead the data object includes only the information that has been posted and not the full response of a GET call.
  • E.g. A change status action on an Absence will trigger for any subscriptions on absence.update including a data object with only the status value which the absence was changed to.
  • While current implementations should not be affected, they would definitely benefit from the improved efficiency of checking the data available in the payload before processing further.


What’s new in v19.14

Usablilty improvements


  • Improved readability.

Reports list:

  • Introduced a search filter that makes it easier and faster to find the right report.
  • Cleaner and more compact styles.
  • Report names can be highlighted using mouse and copied.


  • Show item rows as collapsed by default unless there are required or erroneous fields among collapsed fields.
  • Wrap long text in description tool tips.


  • When text on a row is highlighted using mouse it won’t select the row.


  • Show cards which use a tree list (like Reports, Useful links and Portfolios) expanded by default when the child content can fit the card or there is only one category.

Integrations - Netvisor PRO edition

  • PlanMill invoice connector for Netvisor now has a a Pro version which supports better error handling to improve your workflow.
  • The Pro version also includes the option for automatic transfer of Sales invoice accruals data. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on upgrading your Netvisor solution.


What’s new in v19.13

New Dashboard in Workspace

  • Workspace, your home base for PlanMill has improved intuitive management of content including a Dashboard with drag-and-drop frames.
  • All available indicators and lists, any of which may be easily added to your main Dashboard, are now presented up-front in the workspace category tabs adjacent to your Dashboard. Note the separate Indicators module is now no longer required as it has been integrated into the workspace.


What’s new in v19.12

Invoicing and Accounting

  • PlanMill Acounting integrations based on Finvoice standards now support Sales invoice accrual (revenue phasing) information as an optional dimension value. This may be utilized with configuration for solutions such as Talenom, Tikon, NAV and Netsuite. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on how to improve automation of your accounting needs.


  • Plan 2.0 available in the beta phase. This release it included improvements to filters user experience. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information.

Opportunity and Requests Board

  • Improvements to filters user experience.


  • Improvements for automated handling of import encodings, and delimiter recognition in New import module.


  • Bug fix for total hours displayed for selected weeks to include the missing last Sunday hours.


What’s new in v19.11

Invoicing and Accounting

  • For certain non-IBAN countries (including US) PlanMill e-Invoicing and Finvoice-based invoice connectors such as MS NAV and Netsuite now support simple account number only as the supplier primary bank account.


  • Fix for ‘My time reports monthly by project’ to include overtime amounts in total.


What’s new in v19.10


  • Webhooks have been enhanced to include the full GET data of the resource in the payload.
  • There is now an additional JSON object called ‘resource’ which will enable the most efficient use of the API - no need to do a query in response to decide what your app should do.


  • Plan 2.0 app fix for case when editing remaining amounts. Harmonized to behave the same as the Project/Assignment form.


  • We now have support for e-Invoicing to customers over the PEPPOL network. Simply select PEPPOL as the customer’s intermediator and the rest is handled via the PlanMill-Basware service.


What’s new in v19.09

Sales managment

  • Improvement of Sales order, Opportunity and Contract items management: ‘Add item’ button has been moved to the top of the items rows to quickly add new items (especially in large Sales orders).
  • Along with this we have removed of the unnecessary category title for row items in forms for more efficient use of space.

Invoicing and accounting

  • Customer’s account email will now be included in E-invoices (Finvoice xml) if no invoicing email is specified.


  • Additional item information e.g. Passengers, generated by the travel calculator has been moved to new read-only field in form. This now enables invoicing your expenses in the invoice langauge (ie. expense items listed invoice appendix will no longer contain content in the expense-owners language). The same applies for all other integrations and reports exporting expense items in different language to users.
  • Item-level description field is now enabled for calculator-generated items. Please note however that if a travel calculation is updated after adding descriptions the re-generated items will not inherit any of those old descriptions.

Coming very soon! New Dashboard with personalizable and re-orderable content

  • New Dashboard with personalizable and re-orderable content (via simple drag and drop).
  • New indicators tabs now brought into workspace with performance indicators and re-orderable content.
  • Portfolios widget available.
  • Reports and ‘Useful links’ widgets are now editable.


What’s new in v19.08

Opportunities and Requests

  • New ‘Board’ view now available in Opportunities and Requests to for easy management of your workflow. Board view gives an overall view across the status of items. You can simply drag and drop between columns to easily update their status.


  • Bug fix for Finvoices VAT totals in cases with mixed VAT’s including zero amounts.

Tables and reports

  • Filter usability improvements including the better highlighting and ordering of selected options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused paging information to show twice in certain situations.


What’s new in v19.07


  • New ‘Invoice readiness’ indicator for Sales orders greatly to improve your invoicing workflow. Once a Sales order is in ordered status the indicator will list any issues e.g. missing information or VAT mismatch. You can solve issues then directly from the Sales order summary by clicking the links.


  • Fixed column misalignment problem on those reports showing averages information.


What’s new in v19.06

Single-sign-on (SSO) support for Azure AD

  • PlanMill now supports single-sign-on for Azure AD over Oauth 2.0 for those companies using Azure AD to manage their users.


  • Various fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v19.05

Workspace / Dashboard

  • Minor improvements to card styles, titles and action buttons to allow for further new features.


  • Form and validation improvements to prevent unintended zero-length absences being created for types which allow start and finish times to be added.
  • All-day absence option (checked by default) for easier creation of absences which allow clock times. Uncheck to enter the optional clock-times.

Time sheet

  • Bug fixes and small enhancements.


What’s new in v19.04


  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v19.03


  • Improvements to invoice pdf footer information including added support for German-based suppliers.
  • Fix for Cancel button disabling in ‘Update invoice date’ feature.


  • Plan 2.0 available in beta stage. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on this powerful task and assignments managment tool with inline-editing.


  • Supplier and Product group multi-select filters added to the report ‘Phased revenues monthly summary by customer’.


What’s new in v19.02


  • Table and report settings:- “Compact rows” is now the default display density setting- New display density setting “Compact columns”- Now it’s possible to set a module specific display density setting and a global default.
  • Improvements to Request and Product ‘Change History’ category, minor UI changes e.g. Account > Organization in Expenses table filter.
  • File attachments are now validated to pre-empt ‘Oops’ caused by file upload errors.


  • Number assignments limited to a maximum to enable loading of Time sheet in instances heavily using Team assignments with large amounts of open tasks.


  • New endpoints available to support our products catalogue
    /products [GET, POST, DELETE]
    /pricebooks [GET, POST, DELETE]


What’s new in v19.01

Sales orders

  • Fix for creating new project from SalesOrder directly after creation of another Project/Portfolio project.
  • Harmonize summary view with recent changes to form UX
  • Improvements to Sales order/ Quote PDF layout

Price books

  • Minor improvements to selecting Price book into Opportunities and Sales orders


What’s new in v18.23


  • Fix to email capture feature for mails that have files attached without extensions (e.g. 'noname' generated by outlook clients). Now the files are removed and the email content is read into Requests.

Sales orders

  • Improvements to form and summary view for better usability


  • Minor improvements to forms


What’s new in v18.22

Sales and invoicing

  • We now support account type ‘Private customer’ to assist with classification of your customers and certain invoicing needs. Please contact PlanMill Customer Care, if you need further assistance concerning invoicing of Private customers.


  • New ‘BI Data Connector’ add-on service for pushing valuable PlanMill data from any reports or tables into your 3rd party analytics software. Designed for easy configuration and maintainence.


  • Browser URL addreses of all reports are now synced with your selected filters. This enables easy sharing of a certain report result set with others (who also have access to that report) or just bookmarking for yourself. E.g. To share a report simply copy the full contents of your browser address field and paste it to your collaboration tool of choice.


  • New fields in /timereports data objects: billingUnit, modified and modifiedBy


What’s new in v18.21


  • We have now changed our Printing services partner to allow attachment of PDF files to your invoices up to PDF version 1.7.


  • To assist with user management and better naming of your calendars the User summary Calendars category now has columns added: Type and Country e.g. Permanent - full-time, Finland.


  • New dimension: Business unit is now available as content for dimension in Invoicing integrations.


What’s new in v18.20


  • Minor usability improvements for the Travel calculator (Finnish users).


  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v18.19


  • General improvements and fixes.


What’s new in v18.18


  • Expenses module has been redesigned to provide a single central location for managing expenses whether you are a finance user, project manager, secretary or team member. Now creating, inspecting, accepting, approving reimbursement, and invoicing of expenses can all be done (according to your access rights of course) from the single location simply called ‘Expenses’.

  • ‘Expense acceptance’ and ‘Expense invoice preparation’ update reports are no longer needed for managing expenses outside of project space. These update reports have consequently been deprecated with a reminder message and will be removed sometime in the near future.

  • Also the ‘Expenses and Purchases’ tab is now redundant for your expense workflow. Expenses and Purchases tab has been renamed to ‘Purchases’ and moved under ‘Projects and services’.

As Purchase tab it will continue to support a combined view of both purchases and expenses across all projects but primary focus is now purchases. Accordingly all expense related actions have been removed. Remember that now all expense handling can be done from the new centralized Expenses module.


  • New /resources API endpoint that supports GET request to get a list of all the resources in PlanMill. Resource is an assignment combined with a list of it’s schedule (planned amount per day) information. See PlanMill Rest API Docs for more information.


What’s new in v18.17


  • Bug fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.16

Data tables

  • New “Clear selection” button (shows as an arrow button on the left) is now shown when rows are selected and makes it easy to remove selection from all selected rows at once.


  • Bug fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.14

Time sheet

  • View by filter: New option “All tasks where time reported to today”.
  • The first task on first expanded project is selected and shown automatically instead of always opening and selecting the first task on first listed project.


  • View by filter: New option “Templates”.


  • Fixed Edit capacity view usability issues.
  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v18.13

Report exports

  • CSV format encoding changed from CP1252 to UTF-8 to include full range of special characters when exporting eg. into spreadsheets.


  • Bug fix for special case when user has multiple calendars with different calendar settings.


What’s new in v18.12

Time sheet

  • User’s total reported hours and billable reported hours with utilization percent are now shown in the top bar.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.11


  • Fix in invoice items appendix for billed expenses languages. Expense item types are now printed in correct language of invoice.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.10

Time sheet & Time card

  • Several usability improvements such as new input dialog. Read more


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.09

  • Expenses: Fix for Expense calculator (available for Finnish users) for foreign trips to multiple cities within a country with 'exception' daily allowance amounts. E.g. Vyborg, St. Petersburg and Moscow on the same trip.

  • Exports: Reports no longer support the emulated excel format. To export into spreadsheets and other applications simply use the CSV format. With CSV you can now also control the presence of the heading row. Read more


What’s new in v18.08

UI updates (New UI)

  • Data table (list view): Revamped layout with more accessible and personalizable filters section and cleaner look-and-feel. Read more


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.04 - 07

Invoicing & printing service (Posti)

  • Project space/documents/attachments: Due to printing limitations PDF version cannot be higher than 1.6.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v18.01 - 03


  • New report: Revenues monthly summary by product including year, invoice status, product, product group, customer, industry, country and supplier filters.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.6

Email address & TLD

  • Added support for longer top-level domains (TLD) in email fields (e.g. .network).


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.5

Time sheet/Time list

  • Increased the character count from 250 to 512 characters for comment fields on Time sheet and Time list.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.4


  • Summary: Absence information is now displayed on summary page title and fields having no value are now hidden on summary page.
  • List View/new column: Added new personalizable Absence ID column.
  • Form/Summary/List View: Renamed Absence type to Type.


  • All ongoing and upcoming absentees: Columns are reordered and Absence ID column is removed.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.3

Reports (invoices & revenues)

  • Added Supplier filter to many standards reports like “Revenue quarterly summary by type.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.2

UI Updates

  • Summary: Icons column of list view on summary pages have now dynamic visibility depending on the availability of content in those icon columns. For example, Description icon column of Sales Order Items list view on Sales Order summary page will be hidden if none of the items have a description.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.6.1


  • Customer’s e-invoices will no longer contain supplier accounting related information such as cost centers and dimensions. This is to prevent issues with your customers’ own accounting processes.

  • Supplier accounting data will continue to be included for e-invoices which are sent directly to Accounting systems such as eFina, MS Dynamics NAV, NetSuite, Netvisor, Procountor, Talenom Online and Tikon using PlanMill invoice connectors. This applies also all PlanMill Finvoice-based accounting solutions.


What’s new in v16.6.0

Users Calendar Management

  • As a part of our ongoing improvements to Calendar management for users in PlanMill, any currently-in-use calendar can now be set with a ‘Valid from’ date directly at the user.

  • The valid from date allows handling of your employees’ changing work time agreements e.g from Full-time to Part-time then back to Full-time with just the same two calendars. No need to create new person-based calendars anymore for the changeover.

  • This will simplify your HR responsibilities with only a handful of commonly required calendars being applied across all employees.

  • Planning of a person’s changing work time arrangements can now all be done at the User summary view. Simply click ‘Add user calendar’, select the required calendar and provide a valid from date.


  • Hire date is still the most important setting for an employee user’s first calendar. The new ‘valid from’ date is relevant only when your employees’ original work time arrangements change. To assist our HR users in this matter, hire date is now required for all new employees (i.e. all users with capacity-generating calendars).

  • The currently active calendar for an employee will be marked as green in the summary view.

  • No action required for your employees’ current capacity calendars. However, upon request we can assist in the process of reducing the number of active capacity calendars needed for your employee managment.

API 1.5

  • Capacity Calendars: Added API support for user’s capacity calendar management available via endpoint users/{user_id}/capacitycalendars.

Read more:


What’s new in v16.5.9

UI Updates

  • Navigation: Added new feature to expand multiple categories at a time.

Left navigation

  • Forms: Updated in both Classic and new UI: The form now automatically scrolls to the first error after save attempt to make it easier for the user to fill in required information


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.8

API 1.5

  • Expenses: Added API support for creating, updating and deleting Expenses and Expense items. Also added two new endpoints to update expense status and to add attachments available via endpoint expenses/{expense_id}/status and expenses/{expense_id}/attachments respectively.

Read more:


  • Invoice net operator list: Updated from Enfo Zender Oy to Ropo Capital Oy.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.7


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.6


  • Multiple project spaces: Project information is now part of the url which allows to have multiple projects open on different tabs/windows at the same time. It also allows to share/bookmark links to pages under project space.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.5


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.4

UI updates

Updated in both Classic and new UI:

  • Expand/Collapse Toggle: Expand/Collapse buttons on data tables have been replaced with one toggle button. Expand toggle button
  • User Summary: Better user experience for managing Internal costs and Vacation year information on user summary page.
  • Other small UI improvements.


  • Various fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.3


  • Various fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.2

Expense Connectors (new add-ons)

  • New Expense Connector for eFina and NetSuite add-ons available now. PlanMill Expense Connectors will automatically transfer your expense files via SFTP connection to eFina or NetSuite.

  • Requirements: PlanMill Expense Sheet (ERP & PROJECT) and eFina or NetSuite accounting system.
  • Get started: Please contact PlanMill Customer Care.


  • Added support for receipt image attachments such as JPEG, PNG and GIF files in Procountor Expense Connector. Attachments will automatically be included in the PDF copy sent to the Connector.
  • Requirements: PlanMill Expense Sheet and Procountor.

Notifications (in New UI)

  • Enabled Notifications by default to all PlanMill Cloud customers as follows:

    • Requests and tasks: New assignment and comment related notifications (ERP, PSA & PROJECT)
    • Invoicing: Invoices waiting for confirmation notifications (ERP & PSA)
    • Absences: Accepted, rejected and waiting for acceptance related notifications (add-ons).
  • Requirements: New UI

Invoice waiting for confirmation

Read more about new notifications.


What’s new in v16.5.1


  • Invoice Net Operators: Some Swedish e-invoice net operators are now available for e-invoicing. PlanMill’s Nordic operator list is based on Basware’s partner network and it will be expanded in the future. By typing country name (in English), you can see the full list for the country, for example, typing “Fin” you can see the list of operators in Finland.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.5.0

New UI

  • Navigation: Flat navigation menu is now supported which displays the navigation targets in an ungrouped flat formation without icons. The amount of navigation items (twelve, by default) can be configured via a parameter. For configuration, please contact PlanMill Customer Care.

    alt text

  • HTML Editor: Support for resizing images in HTML editor on forms.


  • Fixed summary views and summary PDFs to display the line breaks and special characters correctly
  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.4.19


  • Printing services: As a part of ongoing improvements to our E-invoicing, the invoice PDF is optimized with a standardized billing address field. The space taken by the shipping address has been reduced to be able to better position the billing address. This way billing address is better visible in a standard window envelope.

Activate E-invoicing Sender Service (add-on)

  • Self-service: For our customers managing multiple organizations in PlanMill, you can activate new My companies for E-invoicing with the activation button in the Account summary. Any newly created My companies are otherwise prevented from sending e-invoices until you explicitly decide to activate them.

UI terminology updates

  • Summary pages & forms: First category name have been harmonized in summaries and forms to be consistent across all modules.
  • Request summary/chart title name update: Request hours split by person > Hours by person
  • Multiple simplifying changes to button labels.
  • Missing finnish language strings have been added to the report Sales stage by pipeline.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.4.18


New (filter): Added support to multi-select dropdown filters.

Enhancements (filter): Added new multi-select filters in the following reports:

  • Sales pipeline by stage: Sales stage, product group and product.
  • Phased revenues monthly summary by customer in detail: Sales account and cost center.
  • Phased revenues monthly summary by customer: Type and cost center.
  • Revenues monthly summary by customer in detail: Type and cost center.
  • Revenues monthly summary by customer: Type and cost center.

Note: New multi-select dropdown has not been implemented automatically to all existing standard and custom reports. If multi-select dropdown is needed to existing reports, please contact PlanMill Customer Care.


  • Various small fixes and improvements.


What’s new in v16.4.17

Sales Orders & price book

  • New feature: Added support to select a price book on the sales order form. Previously price book selections are available on the opportunity and the request form.

Note: Role access rights are required for price books.


  • Various small fixes.


What’s new in v16.4.16

Creation and editing My company accounts is limited

  • My company creation and access is now limited to roles with the access to ‘Edit My Company settings’.

Note: Please contact PlanMill Customer Care, if you have any concerns about your roles access rights.


  • Various small fixes.


What’s new in v16.4.15

Forms (in New UI)

  • Better multirow experience.

Data tables/list views and Reports

  • Enhancement: Added support for compact mode.

    alt text

Top bar menu

  • My menu: Easy switching access between Classic and the New UI.

    alt text


  • Time report form: Requests that have been completed for more than a month ago are excluded from the Task/Request selection list.

Expense sheet

  • Form: Project field has now autocomplete functionality.

Sales Orders

  • Form: Added Autcomplete field to the customer contact field.


  • All the actions on User summary that previously opened in a new page now open in a dialog and the buttons are moved from the top bar to the Related category.

    alt text


  • Text search capability and View by -filter in Capacity list view has been added.

    alt text


  • Various small fixes.


What’s new in v16.4.14


  • Expense items: To satisfy most common uses, fields in expense items will no longer be cleared when selecting a different expense item type.

Tip: Please take care when updating expense items where ‘Payment’ (method) has been set that it is still appropriate e.g. non-debt, company credit card or advance payment.


  • Invoice summary & set approved: For customers using our draft invoice approval feature, the ‘Set approved’ action is now supported from invoice summary.

Time reporting

  • Time list: The ‘Task’ field in time report form is now required.


What’s new in v16.4.13

Expenses inspection

  • Workflow improvement: Inspection of expenses is now possible outside of project space by a centralized inspection person or team.

Note: A separate configuration is required, please contact PlanMill Customer Care.

Sales process

  • Process improvement: To support the sales process between Opportunities and Sales orders when a Sales order (or quotation) is created or its status is changed then the Opportunity which is linked to the Sales order will be automatically updated to the appropriate sales stage, status and probability.

Tip: Sales order ‘quoted’ will update the Opportunity to stage ‘quoted’ and probability ‘75%’. This ensures that opportunities are consistent with the sales pipeline when activities transfer to Sales order.


  • Summary page: New action ‘Convert to Quote/Order’ is now available in Opportunity summary to assist this sales workflow.


What’s new in v16.4.12

Business unit

  • For larger operations, new ‘Business unit’ dimension is now available to manage your business across Opportunities, Sales order and Projects.

Note: A separate activation is required, please contact PlanMill Customer Care. Reports and filtering based on ‘Business unit’ will continue to be developed.

New Invoice notification (new UI)

  • Waiting for confirmation: Notify performer when an invoice is waiting for confirmation.

Invoice waiting for confirmation

Read more about new notifications.


What’s new in v16.4.11


  • PlanMill E-invoice Sender Service activation: To allow better management of invoicing processes for multi-companies, E-invoicing activation is now required for new my companies that use PlanMill E-invoice Sender Service. This also applies to other solutions which are configured to defer invoice delivery to the 3rd-party accounting applications e.g. Procountor.
  • For non-activated suppliers, invoice confirmation will now change the invoice channel automatically from Printing service or E-invoice to Manual handling along with a warning notification to the user.

UI terminology updates

All languages:

  • Reports
    • Invoicing monthly summary by customer (Kuukausilaskutus asiakkaittain) > Invoicing by customer / sales account / month (Laskutus asiakkaittain / myyntili / kk)
    • Invoicing monthly summary by sales account (Kuukausilaskutus myyntitileittäin) > Invoicing by sales account / customer / month (Laskutus myyntitileittäin / asiakas / kk)
  • Multiple changes to category headers in summaries for streamlined appearance and consistency between summaries
    • E.g. Project information (Projekti-informaatio) > General information (Perustiedot)
    • Execution projects, latest (Käynnissä olevat projektit) > Projects, execution (Projektit, käynnissä)
  • Changes to indicator names in summaries

Portfolio summary

New column Reported to the following tables:

  • Billable projects, execution
  • Non-billable projects, execution


What’s new in v16.4.10


  • New cross-module report ‘Sales Pipeline by Stage’ includes Opportunities, Quotations and Sales orders. The report includes Opportunity item-based values and Sales order backlog for orders that are related to Opportunities. The report enables business managers an overview of the complete sales process across stages.


  • When new project is created from sales order, then project’s billing type will be based on sales order items’ billing types.

Tip: If any time based or volume priced item is found then project billing type will be “time based”. Project billing type won’t be changed if editing sales order and adding/editing/changing sales order item(s).


What’s new in v16.4.9

UI updates

Updated in both Classic and new UI:

  • Timer: Now opens in its own dialog window for easier access.
  • In the new UI, the Timer control is moved to the top bar from where the elapsed time can also be seen.
  • Read more about Timer.

New UI:

  • Few style improvements and fixes.

Capacity calendar

  • Fixed balance issue experienced by users having two calendars with differing ‘exception’ days (e.g. changing from Finnish to Swedish calendar) so that correct calendar’s exception is used. Note that as always, each calendar must have it’s own exception days imported to it. Any calendars that were missing exception days have now been updated automatically to preserve the same behaviour after this fix.


What’s new in v16.4.8

UI updates

Updated in both Classic and new UI:

  • Merged Country/Billing country/Shipping country fields in Address field on summary pages.
  • Time card: Hours can be reported on Time card without a separator as, for example, ‘0830’. Hit ‘Enter’ key afterwards. System will automatically convert it with a separator as ‘08:30’.

Time card

New UI:

  • Time sheet: Improved density of compact view.
  • Dialog: Fixed dialogs opening too small, for example, mail dialogs.
  • Few other style improvements and fixes.

Actions import

  • Added support to import Actions in PlanMill.


What’s new in v16.4.7

API 1.5

  • Fixed sorting of API endpoint /tasks.
  • Introduced better OAuth2 error responses.

UI terminology updates

All languages:

  • Abbreviating day, week and month texts in different select fields.
  • Tooltips: Updated a several tooltips at Accounts, Opportunities and Sales Orders.

In English:

  • My page: UI select field name and values changed in My page.
  • Opportunities (category/form & summary page)
    • Opportunity items > Products and services
    • Total values > Revenue and TCV forecasts
  • Sales orders (category/form & summary page)
    • Order items > Products and services
    • Total values > Revenue and TCV forecasts
  • New [module name] > Create new

In Finnish:

  • Kulukortti > Matka- ja kululaskut (navigaatio)
  • Myyntimahdollisuus (lomake & yhteenvetosivu)
    • Myyntimahdollisuusrivit > Tuotteet ja palvelut (kategoria)
      • Rivi > Tuote (sarakeotsikko)
      • KPL > Määrä (sarakeotsikko)
    • Myyntimahdollisuuden tuottoarvot > Tuottoennusteet (kategoria/yhteenvetosivu)
    • Linkitetty > Liittyy
  • Myyntitilaus (lomake & yhteenvetosivu)
    • Myyntitilausrivit > Tuotteet ja palvelut (kategoria)
      • KPL > Määrä (sarakeotsikko)
    • Myyntitilauksen tuottoarvot > Tuottoennusteet (kategoria/yhteenvetosivu)
    • Linkitetty > Liittyy
  • Uusi [moduulin nimi] > Luo uusi
  • Mittarit:
    • Osuus > Osuus %
    • Muutos (MRÄ) / Muutos (Yhteensä) > Muutos %


What’s new in v16.4.6


  • Expense that only includes non-debt item(s) can be set “Paid” without sending it to accounting system (Netvisor or Procountor).

Sales Orders: Invoicing period of Sales Order Item

  • Fine-tuned existing invoicing period options “1 week postpaid” and “2 weeks postpaid” so that invoicing period can be matched with calendar week(s), if sales order item’s valid from date is Monday.
  • Added new period: “4 weeks postpaid”.


What’s new in v16.4.5

Time calendar (beta)

  • New time picker: Support for less than 30 minute time entries
  • New date picker: Support for moving time entry to another week
  • Added support for locked time periods.

Read more about Time Calendar.

UI terminology updates

Updated UI terminology in both classic and new UI as follows:

In English:

  • Finance Control / Invoice: Customer name - 206780 > Finance Control / Invoice (31.8.2016 / 206780): Customer name

In Finnish:

  • Myyntiprojekti/Mahdollisuus > Myyntimahdollisuus
  • Myyntimahdollisuudet & palvelupyynnöt: Poista valittu > Poista
  • Laskutusjakso: 2 kuukautta (viimeinen päivä) Etukäteen > 2 kk (viim. pv) etukäteen
  • Unapprove draft > Älä hyväksy alustavaa laskua
  • Indikaattorit: Laskut kuukausittain > Laskutus kuukausittain
  • Raportit
    • Kvartaali & vuosineljännes > Neljännes
    • Nettomyynti puolivuosittain tileittäin > Laskutus puolivuosittain tileittäin
    • Myynnit vuosineljänneksittäin per myyntitili > Laskutus neljänneksittäin per myyntitili
    • Laskut myyntijohtajittain > Laskut myyjittäin


  • Invoices by month: Fixed total sum rounding.


What’s new in v16.4.4

API 1.5

  • Added support for the UI styling format for the fields available via custom HTTP header x-planmill-formatting. Value “UI” is expected for this behaviour.
  • Added support for a user specific data storage via endpoint /usersettings. Read more:


What’s new in v16.4.3

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Connector

  • New PlanMill Invoice Connector for MS NAV add-on is now available.
  • Key features:
    • Automatically pushes invoices into accounting upon confirmation
    • Syncs your MS NAV customers and a product register with any new items in PlanMill
    • Seamless linking of chart of accounts and dimensions

Integration settings for Expense and Invoice (New)

  • Added expense and invoice related integration settings to Accounts form and summary page.
  • Integrations in the My Company summary are now presented in a list summary.
  • Important integrations will be progressively moved over to be managed from My company accounts.


What’s new in v16.4.0

UI terminology updates

Updated UI terminology in both classic and new UI as follows:

In English (navigation)

  • Invoices > Invoicing
  • Finances > Revenues
  • Expense and purchase > Expenses & purchases
  • Reports & Analyze > Reports & indicators

In Finnish

  • Myyntiprojektit > Mahdollisuudet (navigation)
  • Tot. työmäärä > Toteutunut (Omat avoimet projektit)
  • Työmääräennuste > Ennuste (Omat avoimet projektit)

New UI

  • User with Role and Access group view rights has now access to the Role and Access group print.
  • Invoice appendices are now visible in project and account list views.
  • Enhanced Time sheet appearance.
  • Fixed Roles form layout.
  • Fixed Dialog style.
  • Fixed tooltip operation in few places.
  • Fixed Project Overview to show only active members in Team members category.
  • Fixed Comment stream for small devices.
  • Removed Category texts from email summary dialogs.

Time reporting

  • Timereports reported 24 hours into the future are now saved with preliminary status.


What’s new in v16.3.8

New UI

  • Redesigned sign in, sign out and reset password pages.
  • Added several small improvements and fixes.


  • Fixed Campaigns mail deletion.

API 1.5

  • Fixed API batch endpoint error validation.
  • Fixed API filters to work correctly.


What’s new in v16.3.7


  • Set Completed button on UI of a request now supports request.update webhook.


What’s new in v16.3.6

API 1.5

  • Time card: Added API support for Time card available via endpoint users/{user_id}/timecard.

Read more:

  • Authentication: Added support for client credentials flow for API OAuth2 authentication.

New UI

  • My performance indicators: Added toggleable chart view (bar charts) in “My Workspace”.
  • Menu & Time sheet: Browser now remembers the users choice to show/hide left navigation and Time sheet compact view.
  • Added several small improvements and fixes.


  • Parties category now appears before Contract items category in both contract form and summary.

Mail Auto-Capture

  • Fixed mail auto-capture to not match mails from different domains with the same subject.

Finvoice version update

  • Updated our default Finvoice version from 1.3 to 2.01. Change does not apply the instances which are using, for example, SFTP transfer solutions.


What’s new in v16.3.4


  • Project billing type is inferred from selected price book when creating a new project by using price book from request. If selected price book includes any time based item, then project billing type will be “Time based” and if ALL price book items are non-billable, then project billing type will be “Non billable”, otherwise project billing type will be “Fixed”.


  • Added the possibility to store static oauth app registrations via parameters.
  • Added search by responsible person in the expense and global search field.


What’s new in v16.3.3

Tasks and absences

  • Absence duty types have now been separated from Task form for better user experience. Please contact PlanMill Customer Care if you need more information about this and handling Absences for your company.

New notification (Beta)

  • New UI: Added a new notification section including a predefined set of notifications as follows:

    • Absences: Accepted, rejected and waiting for acceptance.
    • Requests: New assignment, email and comment.
    • Tasks: New assignment.

Acceptor Notification.

Read more about new notifications.

Join beta: Please contact PlanMill Customer Care if you want to join beta testing.


  • Added changes to the order and coloring of the “Next” and “Restart” button in Import for better user experience.

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