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Release Notes


What’s new in 24.06


  • Contact default language is now set according to country of the account.

API (developers)

  • PlanMill API has now a new endpoint /salesorders/items/volumeprices to read volume prices of salesorder items.


What’s new in 24.05


  • You may now include a DPS number of Hansel agreements in salesorders. The field is also included in the API.
  • There is now an option to define the target effort of a task related to a salesorder item explicitly in the latter, instead of inheriting the target effort from the salesorder item quantity. Contact administration to switch on this option.

API (developers)

  • PlanMill API now supports posting a new task. You should now include field “parent” when updating tasks via API, “parent” may be another task or project. Unused legacy fields “tempFinish”, “finishOld”, “originalStart”, “originalFinish” and “completenessReminder” have been removed from the task API.


  • Updates for user interface customizations.
  • Minor bugfixes for invoice and request modules.


What’s new in 24.04


  • Updates for user interface customizations.


What’s new in 24.03


  • A new optional feature to automatically create tasks also for selected fixed items. Contact administration to switch this option on.

API (developers)

  • invoices/invoicepositions-endpoint has now created, modified, createdBy and modifiedBy -fields.
  • Support for rowcount- and nextrows -parameters has been added to invoices/invoicepositions and invoices/invoiceitems -endpoints, they will now return only 100 rows unless rowcount-parameter has been defined. invoices/invoiceposition also supports interval filter now.


  • Minor bugfixes for /products API endpoint, automated invoicing, Procountor expenses integration and report modules.


What’s new in 24.02


  • A new optional feature to avoid tax on already taxed items in pass through billing. Contact administration to switch this on.


  • Time reports analysis by Team -report has now a multi-selection filter for teams.

Mail Auto-Capture

  • Mail capture now supports S/MIME signed e-mails.


  • Minor bugfixes for report and team modules.


What’s new in 24.01

API (developers)

  • invoiceitem-field in the timereports-api has been replaced with invoiceposition-field.
  • performerIds-field has been be added to projects/{project_id}/task -endpoint.


  • Minor bugfixes for salesorder API currency support, finvoice XML VAT codes, project module revenues search and request module.


What’s new in 23.10

API (developers)

  • New contract and contract item -endpoints now available.


  • Invoice PDF is now not opening in browser but it downloads instead, other PDF files open in browser.
  • Speedup improvement for billing rules.


What’s new in 23.09


  • Salesorder form now warns when selecting a project or a contract which doesn’t match current customer.


  • Annual holiday analysis by person -report now includes filters to select users without vacations and inactive users.

API (developers)

  • New cost center splittings -endpoint under salesorders provides access for salesorder item cost centers.
  • Users API now includes externalId-field, which is a more secure way to identify users than social security number.
  • Timereports API now includes created-field.
  • Invoicepositions API now includes salesorder-field.


  • PDF and number of other browser-supported filetypes now open in browser, unless browser has a different default behavior.
  • Search strings are now limited to 50 characters for database load optimization purposes.
  • Minor bugfixes for timereports API, invoiceitems API, invoicepositions API and absence modules.


What’s new in 23.08


  • Cost center splitting is now also supported for time based salesorder items.


  • You may now remove description field from sick leaves in order to avoid accidental sharing of sensitive information. Contact administration to switch on this feature.

API (developers)

  • PlanMill API now supports reading invoiceitems and invoicepositions.
  • Timereports API now includes corresponding invoiceitem, salesorder and saleorderitem-fields if they exist.


  • Minor bugfixes for salesorder, project, report and search modules.


What’s new in 23.07


  • New report Salesorder items with cost center splits, contact administration to switch it on.
  • Supplier-column added to Time reports analysis by person -report.


  • Contact mail address -column is now available for project list. You may select or deselect it from column selection.

API (developers)

  • You may now select fields returned by GET-command. Read more from


  • Speedup improvements for invoicing and time sheet in high load situations.
  • Bugfixes for project creation wizard, currency calculations, search, absences and contracts modules.


What’s new in 23.06


  • New report API Usage Hourly in Detail helps to monitor API usage.
  • Revenues Summary by Month -report has now a cost center filter.

User experience

  • Speedup improvements in reports and project module.


  • Bugfixes for corrupted attachment in jobs and in import module.


What’s new in 23.05

Mail Auto-Capture

  • Mail capture now allows more filetypes.

User experience

  • Speedup improvements in database and absences module.


  • Various bugfixes for reports, API and invoice PDF.


What’s new in 23.04

API (developers)

  • New endpoint /users/socialsecuritynumber to save social security number for users.
  • Upper limit of objects in API batch call may now be adjusted by PlanMill administrators.


  • More fixes to improve reporting capacity in high load situations.


What’s new in 23.03


  • Fixes to improve reporting capacity in high load situations.

User experience

  • Various small fixes for mail notifications, report filters and cost center splitting in reports.


What’s new in 23.02


  • PlanMill Finvoice 3.0 integration is now supporting contract number and order number fields.

User experience

  • Various small bugfixes for API, invoicing and absence module.


What’s new in 23.01


  • PlanMill login now supports Okta authentication.

Sales management

  • PlanMill opportunities may now support additional fields Purchase and Business unit.


  • New report Account profitability by month provides a more detailed analysis of account profitability.
  • New Person type -filter and speedup improvements added to Annual holiday analysis by person -report.
  • Sales order items by product -report now includes Automated invoicing -field.


  • Links in timereport descriptions are now clickable in invoices.

User experience

  • Speedup improvements and minor bugfixes for various forms and reports.


What’s new in 22.13

Mail capture

  • PlanMill mail capture now supports OAUTH2 authentication.


What’s new in 22.12

API (developers)

  • Bug fix for Oath2 registration tool relating to Firefox and improved form data validation UX.
  • Extension of /companies endpoint to include e-invoice registration and factoring configuration


What’s new in 22.11

Time reporting

  • Auto save feature for Time sheet (BETA) received improvements to error handling and save status notifications.


  • Netvisor Pro now supports two-tiered/category volume pricing.


What’s new in 22.10


  • Validation fix for domestic VAT-exempt cases (VAT Code ‘O’) in Finvoice v3.0 standard to remove Buyer VAT Id from document.

API - Web hooks

  • Updating of Project manager from Team tab has been bound to the existing ‘Project update’ web hook subscription


What’s new in 22.09


We have added the new absence types relating to parental leave. The redundant types are still available but have been marked with a date ‘pre 4.9.22’.

  • Parental leave other parent (unpaid), Vanhempainvapaa toinen vanhempi (palkaton)
  • Parental leave other parent (paid), Vanhempainvapaa toinen vanhempi (palkallinen)
  • Parental leave other person (unpaid), Vanhempainvapaa muu henkilö (palkaton)
  • Parental leave other person (paid), Vanhempainvapaa muu henkilö (palkallinen)
  • Pregnancy and parental leave (unpaid), Raskaus- ja vanhempainvapaa (palkaton)
  • Pregnancy and parental leave (paid), Raskaus- ja vanhempainvapaa (palkallinen)


Small fix to ‘Absences for payroll’ report for a special case of calendar change to a reduced capacity calendar.


New endpoints now available for managing companies and their integrations. Require current access rights to company settings.

  • /companies
  • /companies/{id}/integrations


What’s new in 22.08


  • Bug fix to ensure substitute Acceptors can access their responsible absences.


What’s new in 22.07


  • To ensure data integrity, there is now a blocking of credit note generation until the original invoice has been transferred successfully to accounting systems.

User interface

  • Context loading overlay feature is now on by default for all users after an extended Beta phase. The allows summary and forms for most modules to be accessed directly from all lists and reports. Simply close the overlay to return to your list results.


What’s new in 22.06

Invoicing and integrations

  • Minor fixes for Finvoice 3.0 Vat exempt items, invoice and expense integrations.


What’s new in 22.05


  • New endpoint \companies for separating management of Companies from Accounts.

User interface

  • Improvements to UX relating to the the context loading overlay, improvements to products and services column in Sales order and Opportunities.


What’s new in 22.04


  • New filter in Work Schedules: ‘Account owner’.


  • /invoices GET: XML format now supports invoices sent by e-mail or manually handled.


What’s new in 22.03


  • Gross margin calculation is now optionally available in Opportunties to assist your pre-sales processes. Contact PlanMill customer care to enable in your instance.

Reports: Absences for payroll

  • Multiselect added to Absence ‘Type’.

User interface

  • General improvements for Summary quick links.
  • Context loading overlay improved for consistency of theme colours.


What’s new in 22.02

Reports: Absences for payroll

  • New filter “Period”: Use to easily filter by Current, Last or Next month for example. Last month Default value is this calendar month.
  • New filter “Person type”.
  • Two additional report fields for export only: period start and period finish


  • PlanMill Expense Connector for Netvisor has been enhanced to support all sending of non-PDF image attachments (e.g. jpg, png), along with improved error management. This requires upgrading to a new version of the connector managed in Company settings. PlanMill Customer care will contact our customers using the Netvisor connector to arrange the upgrade.


  • New feature ‘Cost estimate’ added as a simplified customer-friendly opportunity PDF to assist your sales process.


  • Fix for Set-billable in summary and List view. This feature is now available to replace the need for the update report ‘Expense invoice preparation’.

Sales orders

  • Fix for ‘Create new contact’ from Sales order form when selecting Customer account/contact

User interface

  • General fixes for action button redirects in Context loading overlay.


What’s new in 22.01

User experience

  • General improvements to loading of summaries and summary page category quick links

Happy Australia Day!


Cloud platform & Apache Log4j 2

We have upgraded to production on 22.12.2021 the latest version of Apache Log4j version 2.17.0 to mitigate the critical RCE vulnerability issue. Our Security team has investigated any possible impacts before and after the upgrade. At this time, we have identified no impact on PlanMill Cloud service.

Note: The critical update for on-premise customers will be agreed upon separately. Contact PlanMill Customer Care for more information.


What’s new in 21.18


  • New report Balance by employee, a simplified version of report ‘Time balance by person’ is now available.
  • Old report ‘Time balance by person’ has been renamed to Balance by employee analyzed.


Sales Orders API get requests billingAccount and billingName default value updates.


Cloud platform & Apache Log4j 2

We have upgraded to production on 15.12.2021 the latest version of Apache Log4j version 2.16.0 to mitigate the critical RCE vulnerability issue. Our Security team has investigated any possible impacts before and after the upgrade. At this time, we have identified no impact on PlanMill Cloud service.

Note: The critical update for on-premise customers will be agreed upon separately. Contact PlanMill Customer Care for more information.


Cloud platform & Apache Log4j 2 vulnerability

We have upgraded to production on 13.12.2021 the latest version of Apache Log4j version 2.15.0 to mitigate the critical RCE vulnerability.

Background: The Apache Log4j 2 utility is a commonly used component for logging requests. On December 9, 2021, a vulnerability was reported that could allow a system running Apache Log4j 2 version 2.14.1 or below to be compromised and allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

On December 10, 2021, NIST published a critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure alert, CVE-2021-44228.

Note: The critical update for on-premise customers will be agreed upon separately. Contact PlanMill Customer Care for more information.


What’s new in 21.17

UI/UX & Context overlay enhancements (beta)

  • Layout (larger view port).
  • New context title: e.g. ‘Customer: Acme Ltd.’ (replacing simply ‘Accounts’).
  • Additional support for the overlay cases such as editing from List.
  • Bug fixes with the workflow mainly related to unwanted main navigation loading in overlay.
  • Availability: The selected PlanMill Cloud beta users only. Please contact PlanMill Customer Care if you want to be a beta user.


  • Fix to Netvisor Pro to support multi-company in a given instance.


  • E-invoice (Basware): Printing service provider for electronic invoicing users has been moved back to Posti, requiring very minor changes in the PDF address layout. PlanMill has made the necessary changes to the environment of all cloud customers 11/2021.


What’s new in 21.16

Invoicing and Accounting

  • Factoring and Finvoice-based accounting integrations now support Finvoice version 3.0.


What’s new in 21.15

Requests management

  • Bug fix for Project setting which automatically adds new request performers as team members to that request’s project.

API (developers) Time reports update

  • /timereports endpoints updated to more readable model (with JSON schema now via download link) along with a new property ‘invoice’ in the /timereports GET.


What’s new in 21.14

API (developers) Invoices update

  • /invoices endpoint new properties available in the GET (list): customer, customerName, InvoicedAmountVAT, creditedInvoice, currencyCode
  • /invoices properties list updated to more readable model (with JSON schema now via download link).


What’s new in 21.13


  • Support added for long descriptions (> 512 chars) of Product/Sales order item descriptions in E-invoices. This affects if you have activated the administrator setting ‘Use sales order descriptions’ for your invoices.


What’s new in 21.12


  • Supplier bank accounts such as Bankgiro number can now be included in addition to IBAN in E-invoices. Note: Ensure that only the Bank numbers e.g. ‘123-5678’ are present in the company account ‘Bank name’ field for it to be included in e-Invoice with IBAN.

  • PDF: Support for extended European characters e.g. Lithuanian in invoice PDFs.


What’s new in 21.11

User interface

  • Fix for icons handling mith improvements to loading speed of pages.


  • PlanMill Netvisor Pro connector cost center distribution features now fully support transfer of invoices in their original invoiced currency.


What’s new in 21.10

User interface

  • Reports lists select all/none per category.
  • General minor improvement and responsiveness.


What’s new in 21.09


  • General minor improvements.


What’s new in 21.08

User interface

  • Contact and User forms improved user experience relating to address fields.


What’s new in 21.07

User interface

  • Search bar in the Reports list now includes the report description in the search results filtering.
  • General minor improvements

Terminology updates

Absence types (existing vs new)

  • Paternal leave > Paternity leave
  • Parental leave (unpaid) > Parental leave
  • Maternal leave > Maternity leave
  • Äitiys- ja vanhempainvapaa (palkallinen) > Äitiysvapaa (palkallinen)
  • Äitiys- ja vanhempainvapaa (palkaton) > Äitiysvapaa (palkaton)
  • Vanhempainvapaa (palkaton) > Vanhempainvapaa
  • Reservin kertausharjoitus > Kertausharjoitus


What’s new in 21.06


  • E-invoicing is now ready for first invoices to Finnish governmental organisations according to latest demanded EN16931 standards. Contact PlanMill Customer Care for further information.


What’s new in 21.05


  • New Product type field to allow for a product to be assigned as a Goods or a Service to support EU tax reporting standards.
  • Any existing products have been assiged as a Service by default and will require updating if this reporting feature is needed.
  • Setting a 0 % VAT rate in a product is now reserved for ‘Special VAT exempt’ products (zeroing of Sales order and Invoice items is now handled by the system based on the Customer location etc.)
  • Please contact PlanMill Customer Care for further information and for assistance with mass updating large Product registers.


What’s new in 21.04

Non-domestic VAT validation support in Sales orders and Invoicing

  • New notifications and handling have been added to assist our Sales orders and Invoicing users to set up invoices to non-domestic customers correctly.
  • When editing Sales orders, Invoices and their items the system will now remind you for example if Reverse charge of VAT has been set correctly and also if VAT rates are not set correctly to zero yet or are missing.
  • Upon Saving a Sales order (or any added adhoc Invoice items) the system will assist in certain cases to adjust any default VAT rates to zero if necessary.
  • It is now no longer needed, nor recommeded to manage non-domestic invoicing with e.g. a ‘zero VAT product’ since the Sales order will take care of this.


Improvements to the Invoice summary page with a minor reorgainisation of the fields.


What’s new in 21.03


  • Procountor and NetSuite Invoice connectors now support expenses in the advanced cost center distribution. Cost centers for invoiced expenses are applied according to the expense owner’s team cost center when this model is configured. All PlanMill standard invoice integrations have support for more advanced cost center distribution if your finance team has these needs. Contact PlanMill Customer Care for more information.
  • Netvisor Expense connector: small bug fix for truncation of long cost center names.


Earned vacations report has been renamed and updated as Annual Holidays analysis by person to be consistent with the terminology in our Absence management module.


What’s new in 21.02


Fortnox Invoice connector now supports a message icon (visible on hover) in the ‘Into Accounting’ field for Revenues list and Invoice summary. In the event of an error transferring an invoice, this provides the important direct message from Fortnox to assist your Finance user to rectify the issue before re-sending.

API (developers)

/contacts endpoint (docs only) have been upgraded to the more human readable lists with downloadable JSON schema. Note: Email is no longer marked as required field in POST (as per PlanMill Contacts module).


What’s new in 21.01

User interface

  • Happy 2021! For the New Year we have updated our browser tab and and bookmark icon to the PlanMill ‘P’ for consistency across all our documents and applications.
  • Some other general minor fixes


  • Minor improvement to include operator id for deferred sending invoices via Procountor.
  • Minor fix to PlanMill Factoring connector to handle different Finvoice versions based on the Factoring operator.


What’s new in 20.16


  • New report Sales order items by product provides an overview of your products in active sales orders.


  • Feature enhancement: Project creation from a Project template now supports that any Task descriptions in template will be copied into the new project.


  • Bug fix to action of exporting Expenses in context of Project space.


What’s new in 20.15

E-invoicing and Accounting

  • Buyer contact details in e-invoice (Finvoice) are now linked to the first-found Sales order contact person related to an invoice. Details include the contact’s name and email.
  • To support the e-invoicing changes related to Buyer contact above, Accounting and debt collection systems based on Finvoice will now pass the (Invoice delivery channel) ‘Invoice email’ to a new element: InvoiceRecipientEmailaddressIdentifier. This may possibly require new mapping implementations if this field is explicitly needed in addition to the Buyer contact email. Please contact PlanMill Customer Care if you have any questions about this change.

Developers and API

  • New endpoint /portfolios added to allow basic creation and management of name and parent. Includes POST, POST {id} , GET (list) and GET {id}. No counts or calculated totals properties available via API.


What’s new in v20.14


  • PlanMill now supports setting a favourite ‘Home page’ to get you straight to your most-used module. Choose your home page via the right-click context menu on your desired main menu tab.


  • Account and Projects docs are now updated to the new API docs model - i.e. specific properties and schema for each of the main endpoints. For example read-only properties are listed only in the GET schemas.
  • /projects endpoint has a minor fix as a part of the schema update into the new model for API docs: totalCost > forecastTotalCost.
  • Along with this change, budgetedTotalCost (previously missing) has been added to /projects.


  • Instead of downloading an empty template for your selected Import you can now work with PlanMill data directly. The Import app templates now support an additional link to a ‘template ready’ report containing with your existing PlanMill data.
  • The report can be used for mass updates of a specific set of information by exporting your selected the data as CSV, then after data manipulation used directly as your Import file.


  • New option for applicable workflows to switch off all expenses notifications.


What’s new in v20.13

User interface and useability

  • Collapse floating button now available in the main menu: useful for power users with access to many categories and modules.
  • Invoice summary now has ‘Invoice readiness’ indicator to pre-warn of any issues while preparing an invoice: especually useful when invoicing new customers.
  • Password toggle-visibilty feature now applied to all password fields in forms


What’s new in 20.12


  • General optimization fix for PlanMill API 1.5 with GET requests on list endpoints


What’s new in 20.11

User experience improvements

  • Login toggle visibility of password and capslock check
  • Removal of Gold rush yellow theme due to visibilty issue of titles and general design


What’s new in 20.10


  • To enable us to further improve the user experience in PlanMill, support for the legacy theme was discontinued and all legacy users migrated to the latest UI.


What’s new in 20.09


  • Minor UI look improvements including lighter icons
  • Improvements to UX for select lists and menus to optimize the usage of available space and minimize need for scrolling


  • Minor update of Time report list report to allow better pagination and row count


What’s new in 20.08


  • Minor fixes for Commenting feature
  • Improve usability of Table of contents for mobile users


  • Improvements to BI Data connector for the data sets management

Import app

  • Embedded into the main application
  • Improvement to the the reporting of data validation for imported rows


What’s new in 20.06

New commenting feature launched

  • Commenting is now available in most business modules such as Action, Contract, Project, Request, Opportunity and Sales Order to support collaboration and workflow processes.
  • Add someone by mentioning them: Target a notification to one or more users from your team, type ‘@’ and select the user as a mention for that comment.


What’s new in 20.05

Invoicing and Finvoice 3.0

  • Further features of Finvoice 3.0 added for Public service companies.
  • April 30, 2020 we will automatically upgrade all customers to use Finvoice 3.0 for all end-customer invoice deliveries.
  • The new requirements will particularly affect our customers invoicing public sector companies.

Please contact PlanMill Customer Care, if you would like to pre-validate or start using Finvoice 3.0 earlier than the government cut-off date.


  • Finvoice-based accounting integrations will not be affected and so will continue to use the same Finvoice versions for which they are currently configured.


What’s new in 20.04

Invoicing and Finvoice 3.0

  • E-invoicing from PlanMill is now ready for Finvoice 3.0 as per the latest government regulations.
  • April 30, 2020 we will automatically upgrade all customers to use Finvoice 3.0 for all end-customer invoice deliveries.
  • The new requirements will particularly affect our customers invoicing public sector companies.

Please contact PlanMill Customer Care, if you would like to pre-validate or start using Finvoice 3.0 earlier than the government cut-off date.


  • Finvoice-based accounting integrations will not be affected and so will continue to use the same Finvoice versions for which they are currently configured.


What’s new in 20.03

Invoicing and accounting integrations

  • PlanMill Invoice connectors for Netvisor, Procountor, Netsuite and NAV now have support for splitting of a given revenue across multiple cost centers to give higher resolution in your accounting system. Percentage distribution of the cost centers is available for fixed items (defined in Sales order item) while time-based is distributed according to Team cost center of performers. Support is ready ‘out-of-box’ for both Procountor and Netvisor.

Please contact PlanMill Customer Care for more information.


  • Fix for endpoint /users/{user_id}/capacity descriptions field when user has multiple calendars.


What’s new in 20.02

Sales orders

  • Rounding fix for time-based Sales order items using days as unit when partial days are invoiced.
  • Bug fix for drag-and-drop ordering of Sales order items

API (Reports)

  • Fix for some missing fields in reports that are based on users capacities (when reports are called through API) e.g. Actual billable utilization rate analysis by person


What’s new in 20.01


Optimizations have been done to the following reports (excluding any customized versions):

  • All time report acceptance reports
  • Sales pipleline by stage
  • Invoices by country
  • Accounts by owner


  • Minor improvements to the Travel expense calculator including prevention of accidentally-entered long intervals for daily allowance claims. For best user experience the max claim is now set to 90 days. Please contact customer care for extending this setting.


What’s new in v19.19


  • New feature in Projects ‘Hours’ tab to manually set pre-paid billable time reports as invoiced. This is useful when wrapping up projects and some pre-paid fixed revenues may result in ‘orphaned’ billable time reports. Contact Customer care about enabling this feature for your organization.


What’s new in v19.18


  • Minor improvements to summaries views to make data more compact.
  • Late loading for summaries now available as BETA to allow faster UX when viewing all objects. (Please contact Customer care if you like to help us BETA test this greatly inproved user experience.)

Web hooks (for developers)

  • A new ‘Web hooks’ tab is now available under Administration to assist management of all web hook subscriptions for your instance. Provides an read-only overview of all subscriptions in your instance including payload option and a real-time connection check. Available for roles with access to view or edit web hooks.
  • Webhooks now include a option to define per subscription if payload should include the data object.
  • Support for many more object events now available. See PlanMill Rest API Docs for more information.


What’s new in v19.17

Time reporting

  • BETA version auto-save of Time reports was launched. We are constantly working to improve user experience. Please contact Customer care about being an early adopter of the latest auto-save features in the Time sheet in your organization.


What’s new in v19.16


  • Our accounting integrations now have support for splitting fixed revenues items across multiple cost centers. Simply edit an existing Sales order item from Sales order summary to give percentage shares for each cost center. Please contact customer care to discuss activation of this feature for your accounting solution to benefit from a more comprehensive automation of your book-keeping needs.


  • Deletion of unwanted registrations is now supported in the API registrations page.
  • A quick link to the API registrations page has now been added to the ‘My page’ summary


What’s new in v19.15


  • Time reports analysis reports have been optimized for faster loading along with minor UX improvements.


  • Import app has been improved with better error reporting and improvements to the user experionce and workflow.

API and Webhooks

  • Hooks have been enhanced to include a data object which contains relevant data available for the event resource. To avoid adding overhead the data object includes only the information that has been posted and not the full response of a GET call.
  • E.g. A change status action on an Absence will trigger for any subscriptions on absence.update including a data object with only the status value which the absence was changed to.
  • While current implementations should not be affected, they would definitely benefit from the improved efficiency of checking the data available in the payload before processing further.


What’s new in v19.14

Usablilty improvements


  • Improved readability.

Reports list:

  • Introduced a search filter that makes it easier and faster to find the right report.
  • Cleaner and more compact styles.
  • Report names can be highlighted using mouse and copied.


  • Show item rows as collapsed by default unless there are required or erroneous fields among collapsed fields.
  • Wrap long text in description tool tips.


  • When text on a row is highlighted using mouse it won’t select the row.


  • Show cards which use a tree list (like Reports, Useful links and Portfolios) expanded by default when the child content can fit the card or there is only one category.

Integrations - Netvisor PRO edition

  • PlanMill invoice connector for Netvisor now has a a Pro version which supports better error handling to improve your workflow.
  • The Pro version also includes the option for automatic transfer of Sales invoice accruals data. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on upgrading your Netvisor solution.


What’s new in v19.13

New Dashboard in Workspace

  • Workspace, your home base for PlanMill has improved intuitive management of content including a Dashboard with drag-and-drop frames.
  • All available indicators and lists, any of which may be easily added to your main Dashboard, are now presented up-front in the workspace category tabs adjacent to your Dashboard. Note the separate Indicators module is now no longer required as it has been integrated into the workspace.


What’s new in v19.12

Invoicing and Accounting

  • PlanMill Acounting integrations based on Finvoice standards now support Sales invoice accrual (revenue phasing) information as an optional dimension value. This may be utilized with configuration for solutions such as Talenom, Tikon, NAV and Netsuite. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on how to improve automation of your accounting needs.


  • Plan 2.0 available in the beta phase. This release it included improvements to filters user experience. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information.

Opportunity and Requests Board

  • Improvements to filters user experience.


  • Improvements for automated handling of import encodings, and delimiter recognition in New import module.


  • Bug fix for total hours displayed for selected weeks to include the missing last Sunday hours.


What’s new in v19.11

Invoicing and Accounting

  • For certain non-IBAN countries (including US) PlanMill e-Invoicing and Finvoice-based invoice connectors such as MS NAV and Netsuite now support simple account number only as the supplier primary bank account.


  • Fix for ‘My time reports monthly by project’ to include overtime amounts in total.


What’s new in v19.10


  • Webhooks have been enhanced to include the full GET data of the resource in the payload.
  • There is now an additional JSON object called ‘resource’ which will enable the most efficient use of the API - no need to do a query in response to decide what your app should do.


  • Plan 2.0 app fix for case when editing remaining amounts. Harmonized to behave the same as the Project/Assignment form.


  • We now have support for e-Invoicing to customers over the PEPPOL network. Simply select PEPPOL as the customer’s intermediator and the rest is handled via the PlanMill-Basware service.


What’s new in v19.09

Sales managment

  • Improvement of Sales order, Opportunity and Contract items management: ‘Add item’ button has been moved to the top of the items rows to quickly add new items (especially in large Sales orders).
  • Along with this we have removed of the unnecessary category title for row items in forms for more efficient use of space.

Invoicing and accounting

  • Customer’s account email will now be included in E-invoices (Finvoice xml) if no invoicing email is specified.


  • Additional item information e.g. Passengers, generated by the travel calculator has been moved to new read-only field in form. This now enables invoicing your expenses in the invoice langauge (ie. expense items listed invoice appendix will no longer contain content in the expense-owners language). The same applies for all other integrations and reports exporting expense items in different language to users.
  • Item-level description field is now enabled for calculator-generated items. Please note however that if a travel calculation is updated after adding descriptions the re-generated items will not inherit any of those old descriptions.

Coming very soon! New Dashboard with personalizable and re-orderable content

  • New Dashboard with personalizable and re-orderable content (via simple drag and drop).
  • New indicators tabs now brought into workspace with performance indicators and re-orderable content.
  • Portfolios widget available.
  • Reports and ‘Useful links’ widgets are now editable.


What’s new in v19.08

Opportunities and Requests

  • New ‘Board’ view now available in Opportunities and Requests to for easy management of your workflow. Board view gives an overall view across the status of items. You can simply drag and drop between columns to easily update their status.


  • Bug fix for Finvoices VAT totals in cases with mixed VAT’s including zero amounts.

Tables and reports

  • Filter usability improvements including the better highlighting and ordering of selected options.
  • Fixed a bug that caused paging information to show twice in certain situations.


What’s new in v19.07


  • New ‘Invoice readiness’ indicator for Sales orders greatly to improve your invoicing workflow. Once a Sales order is in ordered status the indicator will list any issues e.g. missing information or VAT mismatch. You can solve issues then directly from the Sales order summary by clicking the links.


  • Fixed column misalignment problem on those reports showing averages information.


What’s new in v19.06

Single-sign-on (SSO) support for Azure AD

  • PlanMill now supports single-sign-on for Azure AD over Oauth 2.0 for those companies using Azure AD to manage their users.


  • Various fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v19.05

Workspace / Dashboard

  • Minor improvements to card styles, titles and action buttons to allow for further new features.


  • Form and validation improvements to prevent unintended zero-length absences being created for types which allow start and finish times to be added.
  • All-day absence option (checked by default) for easier creation of absences which allow clock times. Uncheck to enter the optional clock-times.

Time sheet

  • Bug fixes and small enhancements.


What’s new in v19.04


  • Various bug fixes and small improvements.


What’s new in v19.03


  • Improvements to invoice pdf footer information including added support for German-based suppliers.
  • Fix for Cancel button disabling in ‘Update invoice date’ feature.


  • Plan 2.0 available in beta stage. Please contact PlanMill customer care for more information on this powerful task and assignments managment tool with inline-editing.


  • Supplier and Product group multi-select filters added to the report ‘Phased revenues monthly summary by customer’.


What’s new in v19.02


  • Table and report settings:- “Compact rows” is now the default display density setting- New display density setting “Compact columns”- Now it’s possible to set a module specific display density setting and a global default.
  • Improvements to Request and Product ‘Change History’ category, minor UI changes e.g. Account > Organization in Expenses table filter.
  • File attachments are now validated to pre-empt ‘Oops’ caused by file upload errors.


  • Number assignments limited to a maximum to enable loading of Time sheet in instances heavily using Team assignments with large amounts of open tasks.


  • New endpoints available to support our products catalogue
    /products [GET, POST, DELETE]
    /pricebooks [GET, POST, DELETE]


What’s new in v19.01

Sales orders

  • Fix for creating new project from SalesOrder directly after creation of another Project/Portfolio project.
  • Harmonize summary view with recent changes to form UX
  • Improvements to Sales order/ Quote PDF layout

Price books

  • Minor improvements to selecting Price book into Opportunities and Sales orders

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