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Talenom invoice connector

When Talenom Online is your chosen accounting solution then activate the PlanMill Invoice Connector for Talenom to automatically transfer your invoice files via SFTP connection. Combined with PlanMill ERP this will provide true end-to-end management of your whole business.

Availability: Finland.


  • Automatically pushes confirmed invoices into accounting after predetermined periods
  • Uses Finvoice XML format and also PDF files can be included
  • Support for chart of sales accounts and additional dimensions
  • Talenom Online does not support Creditor Reference


  • PlanMill Invoice Connector for Talenom
  • Talenom agreement including a connector between SFTP server and Talenom
  • Access to SFTP server
  • PlanMill ERP: Sales Orders and Products (incl. sales accounts)

Get started

  1. Order your PlanMill Invoice Connector for Talenom add-on service
  2. Contact your Talenom vendor to establish connection between Talenom and SFTP server
  3. Provide us with the address of the SFTP server

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