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How to update a project from a sales order

Update project from sales order form

  1. Go to Sales & Marketing > Sales orders.
  2. Edit a sales order either by:
    • Click on the sales order and in the summary page click Edit or
    • Click the pencil icon of the sales order you want to edit.
  3. Confirm the Status is Ordered.
  4. Add new sales order items.
  5. Click Save and in the pop-up window click Yes.
  6. In the dialog window, for time based tasks, click the arrow icon on the right of the task and:
    • If there is only one time-based task, check the Link to order item checkbox, if needed.
    • If there are multiple time based tasks, checkboxes are checked as default.

    Note: Linking order item and task means that only time reports will be priced according to the selling price of the item. Reports are reported to the linked task.

  7. Change other information if necessary.

    Note: If the name of the new item is the same as the name of an existing task, then no new task will be created. Only sales order items, with effort unit (hours or days), will create any tasks. This can be customized if needed.

  8. Click Update The Project And Save The Sales Order.

Update project from sales order summary

  1. Go to Sales & Marketing > Sales orders.
  2. Select a sales order.

    Note: Sales order has to be related to a project and it needs to be in Ordered status

  3. On the summary page in the sales order item category, click New order item.
  4. On the sales order item form, fill the necessary fields. Check that the sales order item’s unit is effort-related (hours, days), the Task field is empty, and Price type field is No.
  5. Click Save as new.
  6. In the pop up window click Yes, and the task is added to the project.
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