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When is a task visible in the time sheet

Task is shown in time sheet when

  • Task start date is before or during the week user is viewing
  • Task finish date is after or during the week user is viewing
  • Task has remaining hours (all work has not been completed yet) or Task planned hours = 0 h and Task remaining hours are 0 h (i.e. there was no work planned or scheduled for the task) or Request is open or has been completed on that week
  • Month has not been closed for time reporting by a power user (closed for time reporting)

Problem: User can’t see a task in time sheet

Person has set the task as “In active” in his own Time sheet

  1. Check selected value in the Time sheet View by -filter > All inactive tasks.
  2. Task can be set active again by user with the Set active tool in Time sheet.

The task’s project is in some other status than “In Execution”

The project manager needs to change the status of the project. Or user shouldn’t be reporting to this project at all. That is because it has not yet started or it is already finished and invoiced.

Person is not set as performer to the task

Person needs to be added to the task as performer. Who and how this is done depends on your company’s policy.

  1. Go to Project space > Team
  2. Check first that person is in the project’s team.
  3. If user is not in project team, select user and click Set as team member.
  4. Check if user is now automatically assignned as performer of the required tasks.
  5. If not, edit the tasks invididually

Task’s Finish date is in the past

Contact project manager and ask to set the finish date of the task to future.

Task status is Completed

  1. Go to Project space > Tasks
  2. select task you want to edit
  3. Add more remaining hours to the performer (or change the task status manually if you are sure).

User doesn’t have access rights to see Tasks and/or Projects

Contact your company’s PlanMill Power user and ask him to check your role.

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