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How to create a credit note

By creating a credit note:

  • A draft invoice is automatically created with the original invoice information.
  • Credit note text is automatically added to the Invoice description field.
  • Invoice items are created with a negative quantity and fixed amounts to match the original invoice.
  1. To create a credit note, either go to:
    • Projects & services > Projects, select a project and in Project space go to Revenues or
    • Invoicing > Revenues
  2. Click on the Invoice ID of the invoice.
  3. In the summary page, click Create Credit Note and OK.

    Note: This creates only a credit note draft. Draft needs to be confirmed so that it can be sent.

Before confirming the credit note you can change the delivery method of the credit note from the account form. After you have confirmed a credit note, you can adjust the data related to the original invoice and proceed as normally.

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