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Revenues module is used for creation of invoices based on project revenues.

In Revenues module, invoices can be combined across different projects. Multiple customers can be invoiced for the same project and invoices can be sent to a another company than the company which ordered the service.

PlanMill also let’s you decide how the invoices will look like, specifically the invoice rows. You can choose to show only total sums or very detailed information (for example totals by project task or detailed description of the service or product being invoiced). PlanMill pricing automation (´billing rules´) automatically collects all necessary time reports, expenses and purchases as well as fixed-fee items to invoices. The first phase is to create a draft invoice of all required revenues coming from different projects and sales orders. If the draft looks good, then it can be confirmed as a final invoice.

PlanMill offers several levels of automation possibilities for creating drafts or even confirming invoices automatically as a scheduled activity. When combined with E-invoicing, printing service and a Finance Connector this gives a lot of opportunities to streamline your finance processes.