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How to send invoices via email

How to send invoices

  1. Go to Invoicing > Revenues.
  2. Click Show filters and select Draft to the Status field.
  3. Select invoices with Email as their Invoice channel that you want to send by clicking their corresponding checkboxes.
  4. Confirm invoices by clicking Confirm invoiced.
  5. Invoices will be sent automatically at latest 5 minutes after they have been confirmed.
  6. Recipient will receive both the invoice information and PDF appendices. Email and appendices will be in the language that has been selected in the account form.
  7. If read receipts are being used, the receipt will be sent to the email of the sender.

Note: When draft invoices get confirmed, they will receive an invoice number. Status will be changed to Invoiced.

How to re-deliver invoices via email

Invoices may need to be re-delivered if invoices are sent to the wrong address or if for example they do not include necessary PDFs. Resending the invoices will update address information and will create new invoice PDFs but it will not change invoice amounts.

  1. Make necessary changes related to your account or the customer account.
  2. Go to Invoicing > Revenues.
  3. Click on the Invoice ID of the correct invoice.
  4. In the summary page, click Re-deliver e-invoice.

In general

  • Allow PlanMill to use your SMTP server. This is to prevent the outgoing email from being forwarded to trash in the customer end.
    • Deliver email address, username and password of the SMTP server to PlanMill support.
  • All replies from the customers will be received to this email address. Ensure that all the necessary users have the rights to read the inbox of this email address.

How to set the information of the sender (My company)

  • Add the email address to the email field in your company’s account form. If your company has subsidiaries which use the same PlanMill instance, add the email address for subsidiaries as well even though it would be the same.

How to set the information of the recipient (customer)

At the customer account form, select delivery method and delivery email.

  1. Go to Sales & marketing > Accounts.
  2. Edit an account either by:
    • Click on the account and in the summary page click Edit or
    • Click the pencil icon of the account you want to edit.
  3. Go to Invoice delivery category.
  4. Select Email in the Invoice delivery channel field.
  5. Add Invoice email address and click Save.


  • Multiple recipients: If the invoices need to be sent to multiple addresses, those addresses must be separated with a comma.
  • Invoice language & currency: Ensure that all the needed languages and currencies for the invoices are available in your PlanMill.
  • Content of invoice: Invoices sent by email follow the same terminology and content as an invoice PDF. If PDFs you use are customized, check whether invoices sent by email need to be customized.
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