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Revenue and invoice statuses

A summary of revenue and invoice related statuses as follows:

1. Open

The default status of a revenue when created.

2. Ready for billing

This status can be used for marking items that will be collected to a draft invoice.

3. Draft invoice

When a draft invoice is created from a revenue, the status changes to Draft invoice. In this status, the revenue is locked and no more hours, expenses or purchases will be collected to the revenue.

To edit a draft invoice, cancel draft either in Project space or in Invoicing > Revenues.

4. Invoiced

When the draft invoice is confirmed, the status of the revenue changes to Invoiced. Revenues in Invoiced status can’t be edited.


  • Confirmed invoices are sent automatically to the customer, if e-invoicing, printing service or email invoicing is in use.
  • Confirmed invoices are sent to accounting system if PlanMill Invoice Connector is in use.


If revenues should not be invoiced, it can be set as rejected in Project space or in Invoicing > Revenues.

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