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How to add an appendix to an invoice

Time and material (i.e. expense) based appendixes are automatically added to invoices if specified in the Account. In the project this specification still can be changed.

Add a separate appendix to an invoice as follows:

  1. Go to Project, select the project to which the attachment will be attached.
  2. In the selected project, click the “Project document” tab and click on the “New document”.
  3. Add a PDF document and write description. Please note that you can only add a PDF file.
  4. Select the revenue item where the appendix is to be added in the ”Revenue items for including documents
    in invoices”
    field. Click “Save as New”. The attached new document can be seen in New documents tab.
  5. The added appendix appears on the Revenues tab.
  6. Select Invoice item(s) and create a Draft invoice.
  7. When clicking Invoice ID or View invoice (PDF), the content of the attachments can be seen. The first
    page shows an Invoice PDF and own attached attachment in the next page.
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