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How to create a draft invoice

In PlanMill draft invoces can be created in 3 places which are:

  • Sales order summary related to the invoice
  • Corresponding Project space
  • Revenues data table

Create draft invoice in sales order summary

  1. Go to Sales & Marketing > Sales orders.
  2. Click on the name of the sales order.
  3. In the summary page, go to Open revenue items category.
  4. Click on the checkboxes of the revenue items.
  5. Click New Draft Invoice and OK.

Create draft invoice in Project space or in Revenues data table

  1. Either go to:
    • Projects & services > Projects, select a project and in Project space go to Revenues or
    • Invoicing > Revenues
  2. Click on the checkboxes of the revenue items which have status Open or Ready for billing.
  3. Click New Draft Invoice(s), New Combined invoice and OK.
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