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All-new PlanMill UI


The new PlanMill UI has an improved overall usability and is now completely responsive to enable use on smaller devices like smart phones and tablets. The new UI is based on the Google Material Design guidelines which makes the UI coherent in content and style.

TRY NOW: Try the new PlanMill UI by navigating to My page and changing the User Interface from Classic to New.

Top bar & main navigation

New top bar consists of

  • Menu icon alt text
  • Expandable search alt text
  • Timer icon alt text
  • Notifications icon alt text
  • Icon for My page access alt text
  • Situated on the left and has transformed from horizontal to vertical.
  • By toggling the menu icon you can hide and show the Main navigation.
  • Modules are regrouped into a more logical order to enable easier navigation.

alt text


  • New navigation panel allowing navigation through quick links is situated on the right side of the view.
  • Fill the form using single-line and multi-line fields, auto-complete text fields as well as dropdown lists.
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk(*).

alt text

Summary page

  • Likewise in Forms, new panel with category quick links is situated on the right.
  • Possible to see the main structure of the summary page at a glance, which is especially helpful in the case of many categories.

alt text

Data tables (list view)

  • New location for filters
  • Tools in one place

alt text

Read more about forms, summaries and data tables (list views).

My workspace

  • As the front page for PlanMIll, My workspace has a new card based look for My performance indicators, My reports and My links.
  • A new feature for indicator cards is the possibility to toggle between the key value and the corresponding chart.
  • You can personalize My workspace to include only the information you need.

alt text alt text

Reports and indicators

Reports and indicators follow the same card based look as My workspace. The new favourite icon brings information to My workspace.

alt text


Notifications is a completely new feature which provides better monitoring and informs the user about different events.

Acceptor Notification

Read more about Notifications.



Read more about Timer.

Login page

Login page


Typography is used as a way to enhance usability. This is achieved through consistent use of typefaces and font weights.



Introducing several new and beautifully designed themes as follows:

  • PlanMill Blue
  • Made Of steel
  • Seed Of Growth
  • Red Carpet
  • Rose-tinted glasses
  • Oceans Of Calm
  • Beach holiday
  • Gold rush
  • Through A Rock
  • Vision Quest

alt text

Read more about My page and themes.

3rd level navigation

3rd level navigation to enable navigation in places, such as project space.

alt text


Buttons follow a new consistent look and feel which is dependent on the selected theme.


Users have the new possibility to add comments to requests. The comments section can be found from the bottom of the request view and it can be concealed when not needed. The functionality to follow the comment thread of a request is included.

alt text


Chips are being used mainly in summary and form.

alt text


Text labels which appear when an element is hovered over. May contain text or lists depending on the module.

alt text


PlanMill contains two dialog types. Specific tasks such as creating a new item in a request or sending an email open dialog windows. Dialogs may also ask for confirmation to an action.

alt text

Character counter

Character counter is used for fields where character restriction is in place.

alt text

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