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Problems in login

Can not login to PlanMill

Typos in username or password

  • Make sure you have typed your username and password correctly.

Failed five attempts to login

  • After five consecutive failed login attempts your account is locked for a 5 minute time period. It will become available after that period has passed.
  • If you have used password recovery, you still have to wait for the 5 minute period to pass.

Passive account

  • After a long leave or a termination of contract, your account may have been set inactive. If you try to login with an inactive account, you will be informed about this in the login page. In this case contact your company’s PlanMill power user.

Can not login with Windows password

  • In this case your Windows password may have expired. This can happen during the day and you may still be logged in to your computer and network.

Can not login with Google account

  • Your company’s Google Authentication settings might have changed.
  • Your Google account might have issues.
  • Either Google or PlanMill might have authentication issues with their systems. In case PlanMill has authentication issues, contact PlanMill Customer Support.

Other possible reasons

  • You tried to go to This directed you to our Trial instance and not your company’s own PlanMill instance
  • You typed the correct address but started with http:// instead of https://.
  • Your company has requested a forced change of password for example every 60 days. When you first gave the old one you didn’t notice the system asking for your new password.
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