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Team resourcing (Beta)

  • Balance your team’s workload and assigned tasks as bookings.
  • Bookings are essentially short assignments of person to tasks.
  • Helps you to learn who’s overbooked and who can take on more work.
  • Easily assign tasks and prioritize what’s most important to your team for different time periods (day, week and month view).
  • Can also be used to update and delete bookings for different time periods (day, week and month view).
  • Essentially intended for managing bookings with duration of max 3 days, but can also be used for longer durations if a setting is adjusted.
  • Optionally also shows the bookings from MS Outlook with a special pattern to get a full picture of schedules.
  • Helps you to easily check who’s on vacation or sick leave with a special pattern.
  • Easily switch assigned person by drag and drop.
  • Tooltip information provides clear description of bookings e.g includes time range, task name, project name with operational id, performer’s name.
  • Possible to adjust start and finish date and time of task by just resizing the card or by opening the form.
  • When creating new bookings supports autocomplete/search by project name or operational id of projects.

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