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Create and edit a user

Create a new user

  1. Go to People > Users.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Add First name, Last name, Account, Hire date, Superior and Primary team
  4. Add user settings User name, Role & License and Calendars.
  5. Add other necessary information and click Save as new.


Balance calculation: The hire date will be used for the balance calculation. If you need to set a onetime value for balance, read more about How to add balance start value.

Work time calendar: How to create a work time calendar.

Contact as a User: You can also set a contact as a user from the contact summary page. This requires a separate access right. The new user inherits information from the contact. Read more about contacts.

Edit a user

  1. Go to People > Users.
  2. Edit a user either by:
    • Click on the user name and in the summary page click Edit or
    • Click the pencil icon of the user you want to edit.
  3. After you have done the changes, click Save.


If you want to remove an user or set user inactive, read more about how to change user status.

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