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Get started introduction for Power users

Getting started overview for a Power user who is setting up and managing PlanMill. Follow the steps below to get everything ready for your organization.

Step 1: Create my company/organisation and import accounts (All plans)

My company: Add your organisation legal trading name, address, email and other necessary information. If PlanMill is used for invoicing add the billing information such as business ID, VAT reg. number and VAT, too.

Accounts are typically potential customers, suppliers, partners or existing customers. New accounts can be created manually or existing accounts can be imported from a CSV file.

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Step 2: Create or import users (All plans)

Users are the employees who use PlanMill to manage and schedule their work time, requests, tasks as well as competences and performance appraisals. Users require a capacity calendar which is used for determining work day lengths, balance calculation and resource planning.

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Step 3: Products (CRM & ERP)

Define your products and services for the process from sales to invoicing. Manage easily complex recurring, time and project-based billing.

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Step 4: Opportunities (CRM & ERP)

Manage your sales pipeline by stages and customers.

Contact PlanMill Customer Care if you require other than the default sales stages.

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Step 5: Sales orders (ERP)

Create and send quotes or order confirmations. Automate your orders to invoice process by sales orders.

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Step 6: Create Project, task and request (ERP & PROJECT)

Projects are used for managing the whole delivery process with tasks, resource planning and time reports.

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Step 7: Time & absence (ERP & PROJECT)

Manager easily non-billable and billable time, leave balance, vacation leave and other type of absences.

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Note: PlanMill Absence is an add-on product.

Step 8: Expenses (ERP & PROJECT)

Manager easily non-billable and billable travel and other expenses.

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Step 9: Invoicing (ERP)

Create and send invoices via e-invoice (Finvoice), printing service or email. PlanMill billing and invoicing management automates one-off invoices as well as complex recurring, time and project-based billing.

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Step 10: Manage general settings (All plans)

Some settings can be set by the power user and some changes need to be requested from the PlanMill Customer Care. Check different settings below.

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